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 All our Audiologists are fully qualified and HCPC registered

Mike Stanley, RHAD, FSHAA
“If you live with a hearing loss then you’ll know how difficult it makes getting on with your life.


I’ve worked with the people whose hearing impacts on their quality of life for over 25 years. Using the most up to date equipment and listening to their needs I have helped thousands of people live a much improv


ed quality of life. Over my career as a Hearing Aid Audiologist I have worked for two of the main national retailers of hearing aids, both as an audiologist and in management.
I was lucky enough to have worked alongside the late Lawrence Werth in London in 1995 fitting some of the very first digital hearing aids in the UK. I remember thinking then just how amazing hearing aids had become.
I look now at the latest devices and marvel at what they can achieve. Yet the hearing systems are useless without a caring, qualified and experienced audiologist to help a client understand their needs and solve their problems.
On a personal level I enjoy helping people and I love to learn all the time… I’m an avid learner. I spend too much time working at a computer screen these days but I do spend time face to face with our clients and love it.
I’ve recently moved house and I am spending  most of my spare time decorating and repairing  my home. As I live in a beautiful part of England I do love long walks with my partner Donna and our dog Percy…The pub lunch at the end of the walk is always the best bit though.

I started Healthy Hearing in 2001 with the sole objective to help people, our company is all about improving people’s lives by improving their hearing…nothing else matters.


Philip Barker. RHAD, A’CAUD, FSHAA

I am a registered Audiologist working out of Healthy Hearing’s Oakham and Stamford offices and have been working in the hearing industry since 1994.

I worked for National companies in Australia and the UK for the first ten years of my career before being approached by Mike, our Managing Director.

I am fully conversant with all the current hearing technologies available and come with over twenty two years experience helping people enhance their quality of life through better hearing. Over that time, I have had great job satisfaction in helping thousands of people hear better and live a more fulfilled family life.

I am fully qualified to irrigate ears (remove the wax) and also carry out Micro-suction wax removal.

Please come in to our Oakham or Stamford branch and see how we could enhance your quality of life. Michelle, Jenny, Becky and Gill are all so friendly and are there to help you. They are some of the kindest and nicest people I’ve ever worked with.

I improve people's lives. I enjoy what I do and what I bring to people's lives. I am constantly striving to improve myself and what I deliver (i.e how I do my job). I hopefully bring pleasure to people's lives and help people take control of their lives. I reconnect people with the world around them. I'm in a brilliant career.

markMark Begley. RHAD, MSHAA

I qualified as a Hearing Aid Audiologist back in 1996, and since then have worked with nearly all of the country’s major hearing care providers, accruing a vast amount of knowledge and experience along the way. As a result I have gained an in depth insight into the whole UK market place and am now uniquely placed to offer the best impartial advice on how to improve your hearing. Therefore I seized the opportunity to work for Healthy Hearing knowing they are exceptional in that they have access to all the leading manufacturers’ products coupled to their best price promise.

Working both from the Ferndown office and offering domiciliary visits throughout Dorset and Somerset I am able to provide the very latest in easy to use hearing aid technology. Matching this with terrific after care guarantees great results.

Any spare time is spent relaxing with my family in North Devon, either on the golf course or very occasionally you might still find me on my surfboard chasing waves!

At work my passion is improving your hearing. This is achieved by prescribing the most appropriate technology and then implementing the best aftercare strategy to maximise the benefit you receive from your instruments.

suzanneSuzanne Stevenson. RHAD, MSHAA

I qualified in 2002 and settled into a rewarding career of assisting and looking after those with hearing impairments.

I have worked for large and smaller companies and now very happy to be working for a small family run business, who value the importance of the long term aftercare.  Words cannot explain the overall feelings of gratification when a client comes back and explains how much their life has been, and will continue to be transformed by the hearing instruments I have fitted.  Although I have worked and lived mainly in the Surrey area I relocated to the East Midlands to be with my granddaughters four years ago, who keep me busy outside of work.

I am now based in the Stamford branch, with a clinic in Market Deeping and also cover Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire postcodes. I have many hobbies and interests including traditional teddy bear making and attending many of their exhibitions.

I believe I try to improve people's lifestyles and quality of life through helping them with their hearing.

Tony Iveson. RHAD, FDSc, MSHAA

Hello I’m Tony Iveson, I have been an hearing health professional since 1996, and I know that my wealth of experience will greatly assist me in helping you improve your quality of life through better hearing.

I truly value the independence of choice my role with Healthy Hearing brings me, it really makes a huge difference to the quality of service I can provide. Having dispensed with manufacturer owned concerns on the high street, I know from experience how frustrating it can be to only have a limited choice of hearing instruments, happily at Healthy Hearing that’s not the case.

I came to the profession out of a desire to offer tangible help to others. My Mother had been severely deaf for most of her life, so I had first hand experience of how hearing loss has a dramatic effect on the person and those close to them. It was a day of great pride and satisfaction when I fitted her first hearing aids. Personally I experience tinnitus, sometimes it is very loud and I find my specialist hearing instruments offer great relief.

I look forward to welcoming you to our new state of the art hearing centre in the market town of Loughborough.

I am qualifying in Micro-suction wax removal which can be carried out on the same day without the use of oil and drops (although it is easier if oil could be administered). He will also be involved in the ‘Lyric” hearing aid fitting which his the worlds only permanent wear, 100% invisible hearing solution.


I improve peoples lives by working with them to offer a unique and individual solution to their hearing needs. Everybody needs something different and being able to understand patients needs and adapting their hearing systems precisely for them is so satisfying.

Open Day Co-ordinators

Donna and Angela will be pleased to meet you, put you at your ease and start you on the road to better hearing.

Donna Smiley-Tempestdonna-2

I’ve spent all of my career in healthcare helping people and moved over from dentistry to hearing care  nearly 2-years ago. I became Healthy Hearing’s first Open Day Co-ordinator.
My role is varied but I love meeting clients and helping them understand how we can help them. If you attend one of the company’s many Open Days in the Midlands. I will most likely be the person you meet first. I will explain what’s going to take place at the appointment and answer any questions over a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer).
I love my job as I get to meet and help so many different people.
In my spare time I love to exercise and workout but I’ve recently moved home and have lots of decorating to do.

Angela Henshall

Wimg_1817hen you come to one of our open days you will be met by someone we call the ‘meet and greet’ – that’s me. As well as offering you a welcoming smile and a coffee I check a few details with you before introducing you to our Audiologist.

Hearing is very important to everyday well being, and I am a ‘people person’, so having a role where I see folk reap the benefits from using our hearing aids and taking their journey towards better hearing with us, makes my job very rewarding indeed.

I like to keep healthy myself so I cycle and swim. I have recently discovered a lovely health spa local to me which I really enjoy visiting…wish I’d heard about it sooner!

As Open Day Co-ordinators for Healthy Hearing, we want to improve your quality of life if you have a hearing problem. We want you to hear as you deserve to hear.