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Healthy Hearing Aftercare and Support

You deserve Healthy Hearing and being taken care of becomes THE most important thing

"Once you walk through our door you no longer need to worry about your hearing"

If you wear hearing aids already you'll appreciate that aftercare is so so important. Hearing aids are super reliable these days but they do live in a very hostile environment... your ear. So, every 6-months we see you to clean and check over your hearing aids. We take this opportunity to check that the settings in the hearing aids are correct too. We feel that prevention is better than a cure and what's more it's FREE for the life of the hearing aid.

But even though we try to avoid any breakdowns they occasionally do occur. So, our centres have staff trained to the highest standards of service and expertise. Most minor repairs are completed there and then so avoiding lengthy times you're without your hearing aids.

So, we're there when you need us and we have the highest quality staff on hand to make sure you're hearing is always as great as it can be.

Healthy Hearing are one of the most trusted companies in hearing care. We've won awards for our customer service.