If all companies are the same then why should you become one of our valued clients? Let me say that most hearing companies will examine your hearing using the same equipment, the same British Society of Audiology best practices and can provide you with the same hearing aids. So what makes one company better than than another?

It's why we do what we do...Because we really care

Family Members - Healthy Hearing

Aftercare and Service

When Healthy Hearing was just an idea, Mike did research talking to the clients he was seeing at his previous employer. He asked them what was most important to them? Some said price, some said performance but without exception they all said aftercare and service.

As it was already in Mike's DNA from his Dad teaching him that looking after customers well meant you didn't need to worry about the money. As the sweet taste of a low price is long forgotten when you get the rotten taste of poor service.

Hearing aids do need a lot of service if you want to maintain the best hearing you can from the technology you have. 

Modern hearing aids perform extremely well these days. But they need to be adjusted correctly, accurately and maintained well. For example, an ear full of wax will no doubt ruin the performance of a hearing aid, so the wax needs to be removed. At Healthy Hearing we check our clients ears, hearing aids and hearing level every six months...Prevention is far better than a cure. If wax needs removing we remove it...Simple.

We provide our clients with unlimited appointments to ensure even the tinniest details are spot on. We allow plenty of time at all of our appointments so you can explain exactly what's what and we can get things right. 

We have a saying that once you become our client, you don't need to worry about your hearing anymore.

Home Visits

Home Visits have been a part of Healthy Hearing's ethos right from the very beginning in 2001. Not everyone is able to call in to one of our five hearing centres so it's reassuring to know that we will come out to visit you in the comfort of your own home.

Home Visits are Free of charge and always have been as they are an important part of our aftercare. 

If you need support from a family member to be present and require a later appointment then we will accommodate that too. All of the equipment we use is portable and there's no reduction in the high level of testing or service we offer

Family Members - Healthy Hearing
Family Members - Healthy Hearing


Knowing that you're being offered the best solution for your hearing is a given. It might surprise you to know that 3 of the largest 4 hearing aid companies aren't able to do that. They are owned by one of the hearing aid makers.

Healthy Hearing are proud to be completely independent of any supplier. This guarantees you that you'll receive completely unbiased advice. 

We look at your lifestyle in line with your hearing loss and make an informed decision on the best solution for you...whether it be from Widex, Oticon or Phonak. We recommend the hearing aids that will perform best for you and your individual needs.