If you wear our hearing aids your wax removal is complementary
Hearing Aid Wax Removal

At Healthy Hearing we offer professional and safe ear wax removal for just £60

Ear wax can build up in your ear canal and cause a blockage which can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to hear. When this happens the safest and easiest option is for the wax to be removed. We will aim to remove your ear wax in one go and on the same day, we do advise using an olive oil spray first for a few days prior to your appointment – we recommend the brand 'Earol' which we can mail to you for only £5.50; call us on: 0800 298 7261

At Healthy Hearing we can offer you two different methods of wax removal:

The safest, and easiest, way to unblock the wax from your ears is micro-suction. The procedure uses a microscope or magnifying loupes to allow us a really clear view of the ear canal. Your ear wax is safely removed using a fine tube on a suction device. This is a highly effective and comfortable method for removing wax which is offered in all of our centres.

Water Irrigation
This process replaced the old fashioned technique of 'ear syringing'. We use an electronic machine to deliver a controlled flow of water to your ear canal to remove any wax. The warm water breaks down the wax into small pieces and is flushed out into a collection cup.


Thank you for a truly professional procedure. I pray you remain here - thank you!

Robert Moss

Maria is just so nice the best experience ever , I can now hear a pin drop. Thank you.

Nic Baker

Very helpful and professional from booking the appointment through to advice from Maria.

Steve Gray