There are many reasons to block sound from the ears and there's a number of ways to do it.

Whether you want to get a good nights sleep, protect your ears from water or block out sound in noisy places there's a solution and at Healthy Hearing we are happy to help.

Sleep Plugs

Sleep Plugs and Unfiltered Noise Protection

If you want to be able to get a peaceful nights sleep and block out snoring, traffic noise or any disturbance then Custom Fitted Sleep Plugs could be the answer. The plugs are made from a specially formulated soft silicone and shaped to your individual ears. They are super comfortable you'll not know you're wearing them...other than the peace and quiet.

£95 per pair

Filtered Noise Protection

Filtered Noise Protection

If you're in a noisy place such as building site, night club, riding a motor cycle or at a music concert then Filtered Noise Protection is likely to help you. The filter balances the air pressure and allows you to still be able to hear people talking to you by filtering out the louder noises. It also helps if your wearing a crash helmet.

The filters give a general reduction across the whole frequency range so as not to reduce clarity and hence allow speech to still be heard.

Motorsport Ear Protection

Motor Sport Ear Protection

If you need communications via your ear protection then this solution is ideal as each pair of custom made ear protectors come with a fixed lead and a 3.5 mm jack plug.

The noise cancelling has been set specifically for Motor Sport and is small and discreet so as not to be uncomfortable when wearing a helmet.

If you need to hear audio and have amazing noise reduction to protect your hearing then this is an ideal solution for you.

Shooting Noise Protection

Digital Noise Cancellation

From a serious amateur to an elite shooter this is the solution you'll want. There are a range of custom, and non custom, models to choose from.

The digital noise canceler system is a super fast acting noise cancellation system. The circuitry inside identifies the sound of gun and stops it from being at a damaging level to you. At the same time you'll not have to keep removing and replacing them as the circuit makes sure you'll still hear speech.

These ear protectors are incredible and are worn by most professional's in gun sport.

Prices from £479

Swimming Ear Protection

Swim Plugs (and Shower Plugs)

You may suffer regularly from a perforated ear drum, regular ear infections or simply dislike getting water in your ears. Swim Plugs are the solution. Our tailor made Swim Plugs are precisely made to the shape of your ear. We take impressions of your ear and then the plugs are laser made to ensure maximum seal and no water ingress.

Swim Plugs can come in almost any colour you can imagine and what's more... they float.

£60 per pair