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If this is your first time purchasing a hearing aid or thinking about a hearing test, we have all our frequently asked questions right here. If there is something else you would like answering then please do not hesitate to give us a call on: 0800 298 7261.

How do I book an appointment?

You can either give us a call on: 0800 298 7261, email us at info@healthyhearing.co.uk or fill out the appointment form and we will be in contact shortly with an appointment time which is suitable for you.

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What will happen in my hearing test?

We have a whole guide and step by step process to what will happen in your test, please click below to find out more.

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How long does a test last?

Our Audiologists are very thorough so the assessment will last around an hour, to see a full explanation of our hearing assessments please click below.

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Will I be able to take away new hearing aids on the same day?

Your hearing aids will need to ordered especially for you, which normally takes around 7-10 days. You will then have a fitting appointment to set up the hearing aids specifically for you and your requirements.

Do I have to make a decision on the day?

We always advise bringing a family member with you to your appointment to help you make a decision. Don’t worry we will never pressure you into purchasing a hearing aid, you can always go away and think about it.

How often do I need a hearing test?

We provide a hearing test every year for our current clients with a screening every 6 months.

What happens if I buy them and I don’t get on with them?

We offer a 28-day money back guarantee. But, we will keep seeing you until they are best for you.

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Hearing Aids

Do you need to purchase a hearing aid for each ear or can you get away with just the one?

If your hearing loss is in both ears, then wearing two hearing aids is the best way to hear the most naturally. Wearing only one can make it challenging to follow conversations and to know which direction the sound is coming from.

How often will I need to wear them?

We suggest that you wear them most of the time, especially once you are first fitted with them to get used to them as quickly as possible.

Does wearing a hearing aid make your hearing worse?

No it will not make your hearing worse, it will just help with your current loss.

Can I wear hearing aids and glasses?

As we offer so many different styles from different manufactures, it is vary rare that there won't be a suitable style for you. See all our styles of hearing aids.

Hearing aid styles

Can I wear a hearing aid with a face mask?

Face masks do provide another challenge for wearing hearing aids, if you wear a RIC or BTE you just need to be careful when removing your mask to ensure they stay in place.

Can I wear them in the shower or get them wet?

Most hearing aids are water resistant so are perfectly fine if its raining outside, however they are NOT to be worn in the bath, shower or while swimming.

Do you provide insurance for the hearing aids?

We do not provide insurance for hearing aids, but we do suggest adding them onto your home insurance as they are a valuable item.

Do hearing aids make Tinnitus worse?

For many people Tinnitus can be down to a hearing loss so wearing a hearing aid could actually help to reduce the effects of Tinnitus.

How are you different to the NHS?

We offer a wider selection of hearing aids with the very best and latest technologies. We are also able to dedicate more time on aftercare service to ensure your hearing aid is right for you.