Johnnie Walker MBE

BBC Radio 2 Broadcaster and Healthy Hearing Ambassador.

“I’m very proud to be an ambassador for Healthy Hearing and I’m committed to spreading the word to those with hearing problems and letting them know that help is at hand that can make an amazing difference to their lives.

I find the Paradise hearing aids give me a better sound than any I’ve used before. The sound is more natural and speech a lot clearer to understand. I think they’re brilliant.”

October 2021

Customer Comments

The hearing aids provided by Healthy Hearing are far superior to those provided through the NHS. My wife is particularly pleased that she does not have to repeat everything she says to me!

Healthy Hearing has provided me with excellent service. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful.

I would definitely recommend Healthy Hearing to anyone considering hearing aids for the first time or to upgrade existing aids.

Mr Devlin

They have changed my life and it has improved things for those around me as they don’t have to repeat everything!

The service has been first class and any difficulties are dealt with friendly and promptly.

From my own experience I do really recommend the Phonak Marvels!

Mr Bond

I have had hearing aids for a long time (I am 94 years old) but the current rechargeable ones are great – they are the very first thing I go for in the morning.

If I call into the shop in Red Lion Square, the girls will always clean the hearing aids or do anything that is needed to them.

Please keep up the good work, and I hope you keep your shop in Red Lion Square, Stamford. My Husband is equally as satisfied. Thank you.

Mrs Baxter

I no longer feel isolated when with company or in a crowd of people. Since becoming a customer of yours I find your level of service just fantastic, 100%! 

On more than one occasion I have had a problem with my hearing aids, and could not get to Stamford, but simply by return of post you have solved the problem! It’s a pleasure to trade with you. Thank you!

Mrs Chennells

Before I had these hearing aids fitted, I probably had not fully realised how much I was actually missing. They have definitely changed my life for the better.

The service at Oakham is exceptional, by friendly and very professional staff. Nothing is too much trouble and a faultless after sales service is provided. 

‘Healthy Hearing really works!’ and gently brings you back into the world of sound.

Mr Howling

They have changed my life for the better. The new hearing aids give a sound and reliable service that has enabled me to hear what I needed to.

The service from the Loughborough centre has been exemplary and on several occasions I have needed replacement ear pieces, the fiddley bits between the main body holding the battery and the ear. Not only were these parts supplied quickly and efficiently, but I was also cleverly taught how to remove the defective part and fit the new replacement successfully.

The staff are always a delight to deal with and try hard to provide a fine service.

Mr Wynn-Williams

At the suggestion of my wife I booked an appointment for a comprehensive hearing check.

When we arrived the receptionist knew my name before I announced myself, which was a great start. I was offered tea or coffee before I was taken through to the examination room. It was clear that I was dealing with a professional and after relevant questioning was placed in a sound-proof booth and my hearing tested.

The outcome was that I didn't need aids at this time, and it was suggested that I probably wouldn't need to return for 5 years. Not only was there absolutely no 'hard sale' conversation (I was expecting to buy hearing aids) but my offer to pay for the examination was totally refused. If you need your hearing checked make sure that you contact this firm first.

Mr Graeme

The hearing aids that Healthy Hearing supply are much better for all-round sound than my previous supplier.

I have always had great advice from Phil, he and Michelle are always very helpful. If I can’t get into the office Phil will always come out to Grantham to see me.

Mike, Phil and all staff at each branch are always willing to help.


Since I’ve had my hearing aids I have been able to once again be part of group and family conversations. Before this I was always left out. I am not aware of my deafness now.

I’ve been very satisfied. Healthy Hearing will go to any length to achieve perfection. 

Very nice, very helpful and friendly people to deal with. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Mr Haran
Melton Mowbray

Our day to day lives are so much improved since we were fitted with our aids. We no longer struggle to hear each other which was previously very frustrating. In noisy environments we felt cut off from conversations due to being unable to decipher what was being said. We can now enjoy such activities.

The service at Healthy Hearing Oakham has been excellent right from our initial appointments, through to diagnosis, provision of aids and aftercare. 

The easy-going, helpful and courteous manner of all Healthy Hearing staff has made our first encounter with hearing aids to be anything but stressful.

In two words ‘outstanding service!’

Mr & Mrs Greenwood

Since being fitted with hearing aids it has without a doubt changed my life for the better. For years it has been difficult to communicate, especially in a group situation. While not perfect in all situations my hearing is as close to normal as it could be thanks to the Marvel.

The service was excellent, both at the test and the fitting. The aftercare service is also excellent at the Oakham branch, where nothing is too much trouble.

I would recommend anyone who has hearing problems to Healthy Hearing.

Mr Purvis

My hearing loss has increased consistently over the years in both ears. In the early years the loss impacted my everyday life in small but irritating ways. My hearing aids made an immediate difference, in terms of everyday participation in family jokes, conversations and just overall quality of life. Now, I couldn’t be without them, they are my life-line to the outside world.

Like many people, my first involvement with Healthy Hearing came after a good number of years with the NHS hearing service – of course we all love the NHS, but there comes a time when you need much more support. The people at Healthy Hearing not only look after the hearing aids and my ears – but support me as well, advising on technological improvements, or simple things I can change to make life with hearing loss more bearable.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Love my hearing aids and the people at Healthy Hearing are simply wonderful. Thank you.

Mrs Platts Kilburn