Mike Stanley

Mike qualified as Hearing Aid Audiologist nearly 30-years ago working in Leicester. After 3-years he was recruited to work in a prestigious hearing centre in London. This experience allowed Mike to work with the very first digital hearing systems available in the UK. He worked with the hearing manufacturer to help develop some of the algorithms to improve the performance of the hearing systems.

"I have seen the development from analogue to digital hearing aids. From digital to Artificially Intelligent hearing solutions and I've loved every second. Helping people live a much better quality of life with the hearing they have has been so rewarding and today the latest technology means I can help them even more"

Mike is one of the company owners and also still sees clients today.

"I need to be hands-on as much as I can be. I need to stay ahead of the technology...It's taken me a long time but I now know how to delegate the running of the business so I can do what I love doing".