Current Hearing Aid Wearers

Wanting to hear better is only natural if you live with a hearing loss.

We do not limit the number of appointments you can have or the length of time you spend with us. We understand that it takes time to get used to a new hearing aid and that a few adjustments are usually needed within the first few months.

If you are looking for that step up from a NHS hearing aid or changing from a different private audiologist we will ensure you receive the very best service.

Why change to Healthy Hearing?

Dedicated Centres

Our centres are designed to be a hub for hearing where you don’t just have a hearing test and leave with hearing aids, but you can come and ask for help every step of the way.
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Customer Service Advisors (CSAs)

In each of our centres we have dedicated CSAs who are highly trained to manage most minor repairs to hearings aids. Even just to change domes, batteries and filters.
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Follow up appointments are key to new hearing aids success, which is why we see our clients every 6 months for follow up appointments.
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Senior Audiologists

At Healthy Hearing employ experienced and highly skilled audiologists who have a wealth of knowledge in the industry.
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Home Visits

We understand how difficult it can be to get into our centres. Which is why we offer home visits at no additional cost.
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We are independent and aren’t tied to any manufacturer, which means we can give you all of the very best latest technology from 10 different providers.
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I felt that Healthy Hearing genuinely wanted to improve the quality of my life. I was so impressed with the quick and efficient service too.

Anne, Peterborough

I’ve been using hearing
aids for over 30 years. But, now my hearing seems natural and clear. Thank you so much.

John, Oakham

My new hearing aids allow me to hear details I would have missed before. Thank you for your expertise and genuine care and attention.

Peter, Loughborough