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Welcome to Healthy Hearing... You can rest assured you're in great hands

We're very proud that Healthy Hearing is one of the most trusted brands in hearing care so you can rely on us. From the minute we pick up the phone you're in great hands.

We have the 'Highest Standards' of Service, Expertise, and Skill and we also have the most caring and helpful staff. Looking after our clients is our main passion. All of our hearing healthcare professionals are fully qualified with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). As such we conduct ourselves to the HCPC's high standards on training, professionalism, skill and bedside manner.

FREE Lifestyle Hearing Assessment

Our FREE Lifestyle Hearing Assessment is very thorough and often seen as informative and enjoyable. Once a hearing loss has been identified we look at your individual needs and choose only hearing aids that will truly help. You get to hear, there and then, just how clear things could be again.

Convenience to you is important and you can choose from one of our 5 hearing centres at a time that suites you. If you're busy we offer many out of hours appointments. If it's too difficult to get to us then there's no problem... we'll come and carry out your appointment at your home... FREE.

Knowing that you are in safe hands is vital. Hearing aids are super reliable however, you will need help and support along the journey. We are an award winning customer care company. We are there for you every step of the way.

To book an appointment please call us on 0800 298 7261, or fill in this form.

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Family Members - Healthy Hearing
Family Members - Healthy Hearing


All of our aftercare is completely FREE and so is your ongoing support. Right from the fitting we make sure you can use all of the features on your hearing aids. We leave nothing out and even have another appointment in a few weeks to go over everything again. This is a great opportunity to ask all of the questions that have arisen.

Unlike most company's we continually see you every 6-months to reassess your hearing and make any alterations needed. We will replace all of the replaceable parts and check that the ear canal is free of wax. If there is wax we will often be able to arrange to remove it free of charge. Our belief is that 'Prevention is better than a cure'.

In our dedicated hearing centres all of our team are fully trained and there to help with advice and any minor maintenance you may need.

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Our promise to you

With the industry envy of 'Our Promise To You' you can rest assured you'll have the very best in service, in aftercare, in treatment and have paid a fair price.

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Welcome to Healthy Hearing.

What makes us different?

Dedicated Centres

Our centres are designed to be a hub for hearing where you don’t just have a hearing test and leave with hearing aids, but you can come and ask for help every step of the way.
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Customer Service Advisors (CSAs)

In each of our centres we have dedicated CSAs who are highly trained to manage most minor repairs to hearings aids. Even just to change domes, batteries and filters.
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Follow up appointments are key to new hearing aids success, which is why we see our clients every 6 months for follow up appointments.
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Our promise to you

At Healthy Hearing we want to ensure that you are receiving the very best on service and price. Which is why we have a promise on price, service & aftercare.
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Home Visits

We understand how difficult it can be to get into our centres. Which is why we offer home visits at no additional cost.
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Long standing reputation

Healthy Hearing has been established for 20 years with an amazing team of audiologists with a wealth of experience and knowledge.
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I felt that Healthy Hearing genuinely wanted to improve the quality of my life. I was so impressed with the quick and efficient service too.

Anne, Peterborough

I’ve been using hearing
aids for over 30 years. But, now my hearing seems natural and clear. Thank you so much.

John, Oakham

My new hearing aids allow me to hear details I would have missed before. Thank you for your expertise and genuine care and attention.

Peter, Loughborough