The Danish company Oticon has become one of the worlds leading hearing aid providers, constantly working towards a world where hearing loss has no limits. They think differently about hearing loss, as they start with the brain – this is because you actually hear with your brain not your ears.

Oticon More™

Traditional hearing aids are designed to focus solely on speech coming from in front of you - but this prevents your brain from getting the full sound information it needs. Natural sounds around you change constantly and are full of so much more than just speech. To work naturally, your brain needs access to the full picture.

The Oticon More™ is trained with 12 million real-life sounds which ensures each individual sound is delivered with detail and clarity. As this hearing aid is trained with sounds from the real world its able to balance what you hear around you.

The More™ also connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth® technology, and can be recharged while you sleep.



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