Even though Signia are relatively new, they have made a name for themselves creating sleek, stylish and discrete hearing aids.

Signia Xperience
The revolutionary Xperience platform from Signia allows you to follow conversations with ease even in difficult listening situations. These are the first hearing aid platform which focus on the sounds in front of you as well as general surroundings so no compromise is made.

Xperience makes sounds natural because you hear it at the correct volume and you are able to recognise from which direction each sound is coming. The world’s first hearing aids equipped with acoustic-motion sensors to understand where you are and what you’re doing deliver a hearing experience so natural, it’s sure to move you.

You can cook dinner and hear your loved ones behind you, enjoying the conversation even with all the sounds of the kitchen filling the air. You can go walking with friends in the park and hear them from any direction while also basking in the sounds of the birds singing in the trees.

With Signia Xperience you can move freely and still hear what’s important in superb clarity.



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